Open Heart Retreat Folsom, Aug 2018


Where do I begin with a description of an event that was life changing? How do I put into words the experiences of one week, which transcended my life experiences to date? If you could see it; if you could feel what I felt, then and only then would you begin to understand what a week with Nikki Nelson at an Open Heart Retreat offers.

I approached this week with wonder (curiosity), hope, and some excitement. I had a previous friendship with Nikki, and a business associate (Donna) that would join in mid-week for 3 days, but other than that, I was heading into the unknown with a group of unknowns.

From the arrival to the departure I felt noticed, cared for, attended to, and needed. Never did I feel as though it did not matter that I was there; it was evident from the moment I arrived, that I was right  where I was supposed to be, at that moment, at this place, at this event. Others in attendance felt exactly this way too. It was nothing short of amazing.


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I made new friends, became reacquainted with Kindred Spirits and made memories with life changing experiences that I continue to dwell on, revisit, ponder on and recommit to even now, weeks later. I hope to join in on future events and continue the evolution that was started at my first Open Heart Retreat (Findaway) in Folsom, Calif in August of 2018.

The room arrangements and location of each of our “ homes ” for the week was just what it was  supposed to be for the journey and experiences I was to have. The food with Chef Bridgette and John Pierre in the kitchen was heavenly, healthy and beautiful. Love was in every dish and every bite! 

The hikes were fun, educational and a bit humbling (I was not the most observant attendee in the 
beginning). The meditation sessions were exploring and expansive in their results; I can’t say enough 
about these events. The various yoga instructions (3 different instructors) were rejuvenating and 
healing ; I even did my 1st 108 Sun Salutations the morning of a Solstice and lived to tell about it. (I felt it for about 3 days after) We had private time for video calls to loved ones, journaling, self-discovery and exploring of our surroundings. This was essential for the experiences to settle in and pondering on some that needed to be considered and explored further. Nikki offered body wrap and massage sessions as well.

If I can do nothing more than to tell you ; the crazy magical experiences of a Findaway Retreat with Nikki will leave you forever evolved to a better version of you. I will give you a warning though; Nikki and her team will hold a space where you will become open to the journey and it may require one or more emotional painful self-discoveries, declarations, and physical releases of SH*t. More than once I said “Oh Hell No” and then when I opened up and went through the processes and experienced the magic of the changes, the evolution of myself, I would say, “ You damn hippies” with all the love and gratitude my heart could hold.

My soul still sings and rejoices over all of these experiences weeks later. It was magical and in a world that does not celebrate or honor magic, I would strongly encourage any opportunity you can to seek out a week, a hike, a Findaway, a retreat for yourself. You only have this one life, give yourself an  experience that will reward you well after you have returned home.

Namaste, Annette P Judd

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