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This Hiking thing is kinda cool!

When you are assisting seekers in a journey, there is an intense amount of focus on where they are and when they are ready to move forward or if they need a respite. Flexibility in schedules and events is a must. The evening following the Black Hole of Calcutta Trail hike, the house was a […]

Being Fully You

Be you fully? It’s a very large idea. When you think about being yourself fully, do you imagine perfection? Do you imagine disappointment? What I imagine is acceptance and evolution. Being me fully means I get to embrace what I have. I get to know what I have and who I am and understand that […]

Open Heart Hike/Folsom Lake Retreat Part 2

Midway through our Findaway retreat, the Open Heart hike took place. 108 wooden hearts placed on the path and around it with intention and care earlier that morning were to bring me to a place of  effortless joy.  Each with a purpose of their own as well as together, just like the beautiful souls that […]

Recalling a lesson in Judgement

As I am in the nitty gritty of preparing for Cognizant Reconstructions Open Heart retreat in Folsom, I came across an entry in my Journals from March of 2017 when my journey towards this dream and  circumstance scratched it way to the surface. And now look at me, still believing it will all come to […]

What is your Dharma?

When I was asked the question: “What is your Dharma?” before discussion in class recently, I wrote down a few words that came to mind. Dharma is basically your path, your predisposed journey, those laymen explanations that put a description on big ideas that are a bit more Karmic and Cosmic in origin.  I wrote […]

Muddling through and letting it go

As I return to regular daily life as opposed to the new life I am creating, I finally see progress in getting our home ready to sell. I was gone for a few days working in California and adding to my mothers garden on my arm. Weeks ago I made plans to have the yard […]

A recollection of someone else's story that brought me into this moment (short title: Living in this moment)

The link at the bottom of my writing today is a story I saved and posted on Facebook 2 years ago. Besides the feeling of connection to this story and it’s author, I was ushered back to my childhood where I was also locked outside while my mother and her motherhood twin (aka best friend) […]