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Tolerance. It starts within you. It starts within me. Be open, be accepting. Nothing will ever change without it and joy can only be found with it. Build this relationship within your heart, guide your mind and embrace what is. Be tolerant. Be loving. HumanKind (let’s be both)

Life is better with love

When we spare a few moments every day to greet someone with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart our understanding and awareness grows. Loving a little every day changes our vision, it changes our outlook and ultimately changes our lives for the better. It keeps our ego in check. It creates humility […]

Labels ( and that damn MC1R gene)

In the world today, there are more and more labels that have been created and are becoming more frequently used to describe the differences between people. I find it interesting. In a time when people are wanting to be recognized for who and what they believe in, more and more labels are being used to […]

Coming soon to a heart in you, Folsom Lake Retreat…

6 weeks from now, I will be hosting Cognizant Reconstruction’s 1st retreat at Folsom Lake. For the theme: “Are you ready to meet yourself with an open heart?” there is no better place to be able to unwind and rejuvenate the heart mind and soul. You will experience such a variety of activities so close […]

Helpful waves

My son Vincent had always been an insightful, cognizant human from the time he was born. As he got old enough to eat, he wasn’t picky, he would try anything, but he only ate what his body wanted at the time. He was a vegetarian until he really started going through growth spurts and then […]

Happiness is:

This is a reblog. The link below is to a beautiful story, the beginning of a story. One woman, practicing the art of living. I have been so blessed to be apart of her journey and recovery so to speak. An innocence in her eyes, open to possibilities of happiness. Always believing, always striving to […]

My dedication to being Free

Found this today, the day after this subject came up in Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training class yesterday. The idea that we can be free without working at it is a delusion. The essence of having a free spirit and being truly free requires discipline and dedication. We have to be cognizant of each choice […]

Focus on the journey

Today is one of those days, where you feel insecure, a little anxious. Your dressed for success, what you think is a positive attitude,you have the day planned out, a million things to do, but you’ve done this before. You got this, right? You feel uneasy. You feel like you have to please others, and […]


Although memorial day is a brief moment of silence and respect for those that have served our independence and freedoms we all afford, it does bring the humility and respect to all that have come before that have blessed our lives and touched our souls. I first think of my son, serving in the Navy, […]