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As I embrace all things in this mortal world, it’s good to understand and create your own beauty by studying and embracing that of others. Take what you need from this passage and understand it in your own perspective and work. Man has always sought out the way for the self, may you make your […]

They look so innocent, don't they…

I am always open to solutions. I am always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, recycle. Always moving forward in understanding and awareness which takes practice. As a consultant, a healer, a teacher, a guide I consistently warn against jumping on the bandwagon of latest fad or trend in health and wellness.  The quick fixes […]

Open heart hikes with CReffects are being scheduled for spring! Wahoo!

…. Join us on our open heart adventures this spring and summer in Northern California and the Salt lake areas for free guided hikes. What a riot this year’s going to be! Note: sometimes hikes will have wheels or boards involved, I will always mention any details about possible required tools or accessories. Hikes will […]

Living in Agreement discounts end today

Find the payment options on the Findaway page! Come join us in the round to celebrate human spirit and embrace healing chakras and enjoying what Nevada City has to offer the community and the soul!

Be Local…Buy Local Folsom Bike

Folsom Bike When I went into Folsom Bike, it was freaking awesome to grab a nice cup of coffee on the way in. So I was already happy about the experience of using Folsom Bike to outfit CR’s first #Findaway in the area. Really happy! It turned out there is a bakers dozen other reasons […]