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My new favorite foundation ( Jagged rocks and mossy stone)

Ernest Hemmingway once said ” The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them.” I believe the this to be true about anything, not just someone else. Most importantly in reference to one self. Often, I speak of trusting the work. Trust the work. What does this mean to […]

Find the Good….

“When we look for the good in each moment, searching for solutions to the problem is no longer necessary because the problem isn’t what it was before…”                      Nikki Nelson How many times during the course of our days, do we react negatively to the people […]


“God gave us beer because he loves us.” Benjamin Franklin Beginning late last year I was given the gift of wine. In small increments, I was given wines that had been properly stored over the course of a few decades.  Each time a was given a few more bottles, I experienced butterflies in my chest […]