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Continued….my Yes trip…

Verve Coffee, 24th and Mission It was in yoga this morning that I was listening to the instructor begin class with the same invite to set an intention that almost every instructor does at the beginning of any yoga class. Here I am in a class, I know no one, no one knows me, I […]

Honesty is deeper than truth…. and a crucial part of learning to accept and love ourselves

Although the dictionary says that truth and honesty are synonymous, I believe that truth can exist without honesty, but honesty cannot exist with truth. Honesty is truth with integrity, with candor, with humility. What is being truthful? The definition of truth is the quality of being true, that which is true or in accordance reality […]

Where to find your smile

In the course of an ordinary day, do you ever see or think of something that brings a suprise smile to your face? Was it something someone else does? Was it a beatiful flower blooming in a spot you walk by everyday that you haven’t noticed before? Was it witnessing a young child being happy? […]