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Divine feminine by Brandon Knoll

There is a conciousness growing. While I don’t subscribe to stereotypes as a whole (I always look to the heart and it’s possibilities first). I do love to share when an artists work calls to me. And when two pieces from two different artists, within a few days of each other come to me and […]

Undeniable by Vikki Reed

As you may know, I love art. I especially love when you can tell that an artist paints with their soul and heart and not just their talent. Vikki Reed is such. She is not just an artist she is a story teller, a soul that leads many, such as me to our own hearts. […]

Happiness is:

This is a reblog. The link below is to a beautiful story, the beginning of a story. One woman, practicing the art of living. I have been so blessed to be apart of her journey and recovery so to speak. An innocence in her eyes, open to possibilities of happiness. Always believing, always striving to […]

Happiness by MakeItUltra

This post should be an eye opener, and even more so, a heart opener. Thanks for the inspiration Dr. Perry. Visit https://wp.me/p7bq2c-8kj or https://makeitultrapsychology.wordpress.com/2018/06/23/happiness/ for the original post.

Conquering fear — southernlycomfort

Fear can be a debilitating thing. It can stop you in your tracks, interrupt your thought process and introduce some intense feelings. Fear has been one of my number one downfall. Fear of failure, disappointment, being alone, being found out, right, everyone has that one but not everyone will admit it. I’ve learned that instead […]

Those moments that change you….

Click here to see the story👉I see you now

This is a Reblog from Joni at Grief to Life Letter From Heaven — Grief to Life

You know I wouldn’t want you to cry, that I always hated to see you sad. I want you to think of me and smile, to cherish what we had. I know it’s been hard, almost too much to bear. But if you would look with your heart and not your eyes, you would see […] […]