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They look so innocent, don't they…

I am always open to solutions. I am always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, recycle. Always moving forward in understanding and awareness which takes practice. As a consultant, a healer, a teacher, a guide I consistently warn against jumping on the bandwagon of latest fad or trend in health and wellness.  The quick fixes […]

Get out there and spread the love (a smile has that kind of magic)

CReffects on Instagram Sometimes during the course of an ordinary day, when you get outside: you meet cool people doing cool things. Spread some cheer, get outside and smile at folks.. with @lindsey.terry.10 @cognizantreconstruction @ikonrepublikphoto . Goodtimes.

This Hiking thing is kinda cool!

When you are assisting seekers in a journey, there is an intense amount of focus on where they are and when they are ready to move forward or if they need a respite. Flexibility in schedules and events is a must. The evening following the Black Hole of Calcutta Trail hike, the house was a […]

Funds for Foster Fun

Sorry for the random absences, I’m traveling for work to Northern Cal and still making SLC home base.  Still striving for balance one breath at a time.  One thing is for sure, when something jumps out at me and then has ties to other things I love or admire, I take the time to share. […]

Be Local…Buy Local Folsom Bike

Folsom Bike When I went into Folsom Bike, it was freaking awesome to grab a nice cup of coffee on the way in. So I was already happy about the experience of using Folsom Bike to outfit CR’s first #Findaway in the area. Really happy! It turned out there is a bakers dozen other reasons […]

Locals Only


Folsom Art Association is Community

A part of finding the effortless joy in your life, as I have said before, is the exploration of places, things, activities, people around you. For me, everyday is an opportunity to say YES to everything that is around me, offered to me or placed in front of me. Even when something may not lead […]

Stuff that needs checkin' out in Auburn

As the Folsom/Auburn Retreat (Findaway) quickly approaches, It’s time to share some of the best finds and people I’ve come across that I have chosen either as vendors and suppliers for the retreat, or places that I have fallen in love with. As a key part to Cognizant Reconstruction Events, I have gone to great […]

Amazing Bridgette (time to eat)

chefbridgetteandersen@gmail.com Hi, I’m Bridgette. I’m a local personal chef in the Sacramento Area. My desire is to bring people back together through food and conversation. I believe food is not just fuel. When we share simple meals with people we love or even someone we’ve just met, it is community. I have been in the […]

Pizza Pizza Pizza

I have been a Nutritionist for just shy of 10 years, I not only know food, I love food. The Recipes and Nutrition page will build with time. As I make my favorites at home, I’ll share here. Hopefully my lack of direction on instruction will inspire you get creative. When I get further into […]