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Healing Arts Festival Sacramento

This weekend at the Scottish Rites Masonic center, the 20th anniversary of the Healing Arts Festival will commence. I, along with my friend and yoga instructor, Lindsey Terry will host a workshop at noon on n Sunday, April 7th! So freaking excited! If your in the area, join us for Alignment based yoga perfectly intermingled […]

The demanding Heart

There comes a time when the heart demands a personal experience. Knowledge and belief cannot satisfy. It must be from the spirit and it must be felt.   Sankalpa is your own true desire. It can only be discovered by approaching and accessing your subconscious mind, asking it honestly and openly what it desires. This […]

When people ask what you're doing…

Tell them you are working on your Cit…. Regardless if you’re doing yoga or not, you can always work on Cit! That’s all ya gotta say… Have a Citty day! Love and Namaste Nikki yogapedia Sat Cit Ananda

What is your Dharma?

When I was asked the question: “What is your Dharma?” before discussion in class recently, I wrote down a few words that came to mind. Dharma is basically your path, your predisposed journey, those laymen explanations that put a description on big ideas that are a bit more Karmic and Cosmic in origin.  I wrote […]

Flexibility, Flow and other useful habits of granite. (and fish, don't forget the fish)

Ramananda was a 14th century poet and storyteller. He became such, because is own teacher was a storyteller. And today, there is a Ramananda that is a storyteller, and his teacher was a storyteller. He found joy in winding antidotes and stories into everyday life. In the yoga communities, there is a strong bond between […]

My dedication to being Free

Found this today, the day after this subject came up in Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training class yesterday. The idea that we can be free without working at it is a delusion. The essence of having a free spirit and being truly free requires discipline and dedication. We have to be cognizant of each choice […]

GPP time…

#itistime Neil Anderson @gppneil, https://gppfitness.com , has been evolving fitness for many years in his community. I have traveled with him for 10 or so of those. It was one of those things you could miss if you weren’t paying attention or willing to do the work. He didn’t care that I had physical limits, […]