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Starting off with the 108…

Post warning: WAYYY shorter than yesterday… It’s amazing to take a break 4 times a year, as the seasons change and the worlds relationship with the sun adjusts once again to perform 108 Sun Salutations. And as meaningful and lovely as it its, it can be hard as hell. I awoke pre dawn of the […]

What the hell is that?

That my dear friends is happiness. A creative nutcase somewhere ( can’t find the origin of the it, but I think it is from theinnerartofacell.), whoever you are I love you. This is one of my many favorite renditions of happiness. Physiology is my favorite! And such happy colors to boot…. The long rope is […]

Where to find your smile

In the course of an ordinary day, do you ever see or think of something that brings a suprise smile to your face? Was it something someone else does? Was it a beatiful flower blooming in a spot you walk by everyday that you haven’t noticed before? Was it witnessing a young child being happy? […]