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White Flag

Bulls don’t see color like we do. Neither do our demons. So wether it’s a red cape or a white flag, they don’t care. What they see are our weaknesses and our strengths. They only react to what we put out there regarding them. This applies to the battle within self as well. That red  […]

It's not all Black and White

⚪⚫Nothing is really black and white. They compliment each other. They can’t exist without the other and they can’t allow for effortless joy unless we allow them to join together and make beautiful movement of what they bring with them. Understanding of these things may  take time…but if we can trust the work long enough, […]


As I embrace all things in this mortal world, it’s good to understand and create your own beauty by studying and embracing that of others. Take what you need from this passage and understand it in your own perspective and work. Man has always sought out the way for the self, may you make your […]

Finding Fear, walking through it.

Gravity Retreat post “Avoiding triggers isn’t healing. Healing happens when you’re triggered and you are able to move through the pain, the pattern and the story and walk your way to a different ending.” Vienna Pharaom @mindfulmft . “Healing is getting to the next step of acceptance of what we do within ourselves when we […]

GRAVITY Findaway Retreat

Instagram post

5 divine acts

Death becomes me. When I’m confused about the dark side that emerges to lash out at myself or others….I write. I write in tongues so to speak. I write in convoluted terms, because it touches so many sparks that can help me emege from the illusion of what I am and what is to be. […]

Get Outside

insta For so many reasons, getting outside brings so many chances to get right on the inside. . . . What are your reasons? What’s your why and where do you go to find it? . . . Living a life I love takes practice. Practicing the things that keep me sane, bring me joy, […]