Cognizant Reconstruction has sprung from a seed of awareness. Nikki has been drawn to a positive place to help others plant and nurture their own seeds of awareness to embrace the whole self. Embracing what is and developing patterns and habits meant just for you. This starts with the reconstruction of the body and all that it encompasses, understanding energetic healing and how it enhances the evolution of self and deep understanding of your blueprint.   Through video, lecture and practice, we will hold a place for each client to do what work you wish and assist in finding the space of responsibility for ones own health and wellness.

Along with personal health and balance, a truly abundant life consists of evolving towards community with verve, humility and an open heart. CReffects is about reaching out into the community, locals and local businesses to work together to achieve some epic effects in the world, local community and ourselves. It seems a daunting task, but with a small heart-felt effort, big things happen and it works!

Cognizant Reconstruction considers Findaway as a noun. It’s really the only name for CR’s “retreats”. It’s basically what  some would call a getaway or retreat. And as we may embrace the past and use reflection,  there is no movement backward, no retreating. It’s vaguely like a getaway, but instead of getting away from life we dive directly into it. It’s a space to  Find a way to move forward in effortless joy with no attachment to the outcome. It is a Findaway.

My background and education lies in the following: I started out a Mathematician, but alas I found the prettiest equations were in the world around us so I changed my direction and found a passion in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology in College.

I cannot seem to get enough of learning so I continued to study the following after college. Licensed Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Nutrition, Energetic Healing practices, Chakra healing and studies, Kinesiology, Ayurvedic  studies, Religious Studies, Non Profit business practices, Environmental Studies. Currently working towards Anusara Yoga E-RYT500, IAYT. Getting closer every month and it is the best practice I’ve ever taken off the mat.

Personal Passions: Nature, Traveling, meeting people and effecting them positively, identifying needs and finding ways to fulfill growth within them.  I am an Empath and have developed these abilities to assist others and more recently myself.

I’m an outdoor junkie, I collect scars, broken bones, art and friends. I could also be considered by many to be a rock collector, (especially if they are shaped like a heart). I see almost all things like a mathematical equation and I find it stunning. My mind is always recording the beauty around me and finding patterns of growth and love. It’s one of the things I love most about myself. I have sanely renamed my Life my “YES” trip. I say yes to pretty much anything (save stupidity some of the time) and always, the right path is lit with the light of love and burns strong as the Sun. I am imperfect. This is another thing I love about myself, no crazy ass perfect standards to live by, so when I do something in excess or recess or completely out there, I totally get to learn more and it gives me the best and funniest of stories to tell. So cool. Perfect sucks.

My most sacred unions are those with my 3 children. As they grew (1 is still growing) into adulthood, I revel in the beauty of their existence. I am constantly reminded of how important growth, love, humility, laughter and acceptance are to life. My relationships with them are my true treasures in this world and in my life. I want nothing more than to be an example of effortless joy and LIFE to them. Live your dreams, don’t dream to live.  Learn and you shall live a life of discovery. Move and you shall always have movement forward and onward. Love and you shall always have love.

I welcome you to journey with me,

In La Kesh,


A big thanks to my friends that have supported my Journey, especially Monika who helped me begin Cognizant Reconstruction in theory and personal practice. You, Monika are my Moon Ninja.


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