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White Flag – CREffects

White Flag

Bulls don’t see color like we do.

Neither do our demons.

So wether it’s a red cape or a white flag, they don’t care. What they see are our weaknesses and our strengths. They only react to what we put out there regarding them. This applies to the battle within self as well.

That red  cape or white flag are for us. It’s your action from deep within the sub conscious. They are a message to you about where you are in that moment.

Allowing ourselves the insight and love needed to move through the next battle and come out the other side victorious in spirit is where the magic happens.

It’s when we see the reflection of who we are in the eyes and behaviors of the bull, the demons…they are our ego without bias. 

Acceptance that we are our own toughest critic and well as the cover up agent means we can truly see who and what we are from both perspectives within ourselves.

It means that growth only comes from finding that balance of understanding and forgiveness as well as willpower and resilience with respect to what we find inside.

I no longer fear the blind corners and dark spaces. I welcome trading the cape for the flag to what I find there. The bull becomes my friend and the demons become my angels.

#discoveryoursankalpa. #lightyourfire #whoyouare .

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