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Sometimes in our conscious thoughts and actions we act against our dharma. We think we choose actions with knowledge and logic when in reality it is a fear.
Fear of rejection, of dissapointment, of tomorrow maybe. But our heart and soul know better. Always. .
The heart steps in and demands a personal experience. It may feel like failure, it may feel like dissappointment. These are the disturbances that make us feel unsure of ourselves. These are the things, that with practice we can recognize and initiate movement through letting them go. ..
If we practice recognizing them, if we turn to our teachers, our guides and listen to what they have to say and then turn inward, listen to the most important guide, your heart, the weight of the veil is lifted. Here we find the power and strength, here we align with our dharma and peace can return.
It doesn’t always stay, but with practice, we become better at reconnecting with it. And it is that practice where we find effortless joy. Our Vrttis, they are a way to joy. Today I practice embracing what is, the beautiful dark side. The one that shows me what I’m working on. The one that allows me to feel joy and peace. Deny the heart and it’s directions and we will always live with the disturbances. Turn in, listen, act on that and then let that bright light shine out. Be a beacon to all, but most importantly to yourself. .
Artwork by @ chakramandalas #vtittis #effortlessjoy #laughandlearn

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