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The demanding Heart – CREffects

The demanding Heart

There comes a time when the heart demands a personal experience. Knowledge and belief cannot satisfy. It must be from the spirit and it must be felt.
Sankalpa is your own true desire. It can only be discovered by approaching and accessing your subconscious mind, asking it honestly and openly what it desires.
This is the biggest hurdle when trying to affect meaningful change.
A true change cannot be achieved when the agent of action stays at a superficial level or work. It has to be effective at all levels. It must be holistic. It must be unguided so to speak.
Since we are talking about subconscious things, we need to be in a place where communication with our deeper selves is possible.  By communication, I mean mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Other than that, don’t focus on the end game. Don’t focus on what change you want. If you stay focused on the conscious level, your work will always stay conscious and driven by what your mind thinks you want. Communication and  If you let your heart drive this practice? Ahhh, you will find the true desires of your truest self.
If this isn’t for you at this time in your life? Stay focused, stay aware of what you think you want and you will still find meaning in this practice, for the subconscious is the most aware and will take part if you ask it to at any time.  
This sounds crazy when what I teach is consciousness doesn’t it?  One of the hardest things for me to explain is the feeling of true consciousness. It isn’t about just seeing, touching, tasting, listening, smelling….oh, wait…yes it is on some level any way. Being conscious of these senses is one of the truest measure of being guided by the deeper self.
Today, Listen, taste, touch, smell and see. This will open your heart to your deepest desires. Don’t complicate it with superficial things, don’t force it to have meaning, just keep it simple and let it be. This is when your heart finds you and gives you tips on the subconscious level. So let’s start feeling the senses. Feel. Feel. Feel. Then one day, your truest self will emerge brilliantly and vibrantly. I mean, if you want it to, when your ready, when you are most in need.

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