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My journey to Zero Waste – CREffects

My journey to Zero Waste

I know what your saying about Zero waste….”It isn’t possible”….you are correct.
continue reading below on my thoughts….
Zero Waste isn’t really all that possible, but the journey towards it is enough. Be on the journey with me. Follow the link to my full article.
It’s a journey.
Everything we do plays a part in it.
Writing this article was a reminder to myself the commitment I have made to play a smaller part in the waste race. As a matter of fact, it is also a reminder of how great it feels to not just reduce waste, but how fun it is to come up with ideas and projects that make something beautiful out of things most of us just toss away.
Read my story, read my top 10 things I do, in the very best way I can to continue on my journey towards Zero Waste.
In the beginning, there was no plastic… We can’t erase what we have done, but by Hell, we can stop it in its tracks. It’s a process to build a new simple life without plastic, it starts by being aware…..My Journey to Zero Waste

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