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March 2019 – CREffects

Monthly Archives: March 2019

The demanding Heart

There comes a time when the heart demands a personal experience. Knowledge and belief cannot satisfy. It must be from the spirit and it must be felt.   Sankalpa is your own true desire. It can only be discovered by approaching and accessing your subconscious mind, asking it honestly and openly what it desires. This […]

My journey to Zero Waste

10 STEPS TOWARDS ZERO WASTE, PART OF MY JOURNEY I know what your saying about Zero waste….”It isn’t possible”….you are correct. continue reading below on my thoughts….   Zero Waste isn’t really all that possible, but the journey towards it is enough. Be on the journey with me. Follow the link to my full article. […]

CReffects has new hikes coming up

Planning hikes is fun, but being on the trail is more fun! where to next Check the link above for hike information. We would love to see you on the trail💚

View this post on Instagram When we take small steps towards small things, we achieve big changes. NN . . . . . #endorphins #littlesteps #bigchanges #myocin #babysteps A post shared by CReffects💞 (@cr_effects) on Feb 13, 2019 at 10:10am PST