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Make it a beautiful one – CREffects

Make it a beautiful one

“It’s your world… shape it or someone else will. ” Brett Wilson

I love the way he says it. To the point.

There are so many trends, quick fixes, places on the web that tell you they know the answer to living a skinnier, healthier, more fulfilling life, a happier life. All the folks we were raised to believe and trust. And some were brave never heard of before. And it’s true, these things may be true for them, it my have been their path to weight loss or pain free living or at least the beginning of their journey to efforless joy.

I’m here to remind you, every one is different. There is no 1 answer for everyone. The path to healthy effortless joy in body, spirit and mind lies in you. In your history, in your genes, in your choices and most importantly, in your heart lies the answers and guidance you are looking for .

If you make the choice to be dedicated to researching yourself, researching your past, researching your choices, and listening to your heart…the only thing missing is the trust. Trust your studies, trust your heart and trust the work.

Others can help us see what we want, what we don’t want, and maybe be a crucial guide on our journey, but when we get down, down to those moments of doubt, of insecurities, down to the decision making moments….follow your heart, because if you don’t? Those “others” will decide for you.

Shape your world and make it beautiful.

It’s your world, quit letting others shape it for you. Be fierce. Be brave. Trust in your heart.

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