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My evolving practice – CREffects

My evolving practice

CO-CREATOR. I don’t consider myself as much as a teacher as I do a co-creator. Many yoga teachers probably feel the same way. Whatever brings us to yoga and inspires us to teach is what we are really giving to our clients and students. Inspiration. Knowledge. Guidance. . The tools that help clear the dust. .
Sometimes my biggest struggle is finding balance between co- creating with them and staying grounded in my own practice. My practice is what inspires me to be a good teacher. With so many hours devoted to others, I do not wonder why it’s necessary to still myself at sometimes 4 am or midnight to be clear on my practice, my heart, my body. .
I have more recently increased my meditation. Increased my chakra balancing. I attend only a few classes a week right now, for my guidance from my teachers. That’s hard for me to accept, but I’m trying to embrace what is. Increasing my focus on shorter sessions, where I can still achieve physical work, but almost more importantly, off the mat and in class, increase my spiritual and emotional work to enhance my ability to be a good co-creator, to be a good teacher, to be a good guide. So that if I come in contact with the people who need me most, they can feel the resonance of my practice and my connections and decide if that is what they are looking for effectively. .
I am blessed with the co- creators in my life that have been my guides. Always the reminder that we all practice together to keep moving forward in ALL of the roles we play in life. .
As with everything in life, my practice evolves, my studentship evolves, my teaching evolves, my role as mother, friend, and human all evolve. And my abilities to influence the trajectory of this evolution… they also evolve. As long as I accept the fact that nothing can stay the same and I approach everything with acceptance and on open heart, being open to grace, I am forever living with effortless joy towards my next horizon. Practicing my life every step of the way. .
Thanks to all that have traveled with me, whither it be for a day or my lifetime, for you are my teachers, my co-creators and I am truly blessed.
In la Kesh

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