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Rise up. Open your heart. – CREffects

Rise up. Open your heart.

Are you ready to meet yourself with an open heart?
What does that even mean?
I think when we reach a place of sorrow, sadness or even just contemplation, that question becomes more than a question, it becomes an epiphany.
If you read that question and it makes sense. It is time. It is time to trust your intuition and start the work. Trust the work. Learning to love yourself and everything about you own existance may seem daunting, but if this question makes sense and you intuitively answer yes, the journey will be easier and the effortless joy that truly accompanies a happy life in the making, will simply begin its nesting quality in your heart.

If this question seems remote and opaque, it may be time to start taking inventory of where you are in life and begin a journey towards acceptance and love.
This is what I love about what I do.
With people that understand the question, I get to see the light ignite and enjoy partnerships. With those that haven’t yet started the journey, I am blessed to see their hearts and be a catalyst to move forward to becoming open.
I pray I stay humble and open for all of my days that I may be so blessed to be apart of so many journeys. For watching someone open their hearts to themselves is the most beautiful thing in this world one can imagine.
Be the spark. Be the example. Love yourself as to have the ability to love everyone.
(Let’s be both)

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