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Everything counts. – CREffects

Everything counts.

We have the day off. We’re making good use of our time: being creative, relaxing AND having fun making new memories. YOU?
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SELF.COMMUNITY.WORLD. Anyone else have years of love notes and beautiful cards and can’t seem to let go, but your trying to #reusereducerecycle ? Here’s a way to #keepthememories #reduceclutter and
#reducewaste .
Cut the handwritten note from your loved one, shred or confetti the card, place it in an old clear ornament and ta dah! The memory of all the cards, beautiful and ready for reflection. Remember to #recycle the cards you can and #repurpose the ones you can’t.
Find creative ways and with each glance at your creation, you rekindle the love w/o the waste and you’ll be making a big difference in the world in other ways too.
Ideas: ornaments, picture frames, coloring books, wall paper, Painting paper, decoupage. corkboard backing,
What can you create? .

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