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December 2018 – CREffects

Monthly Archives: December 2018

Stroke of luck… Instructions for life #4

When we don’t get what we want , sometimes it’s a great strike of luck. Roll with it. Be open to grace. stroke of luck on Instagram

Everything counts.

We have the day off. We’re making good use of our time: being creative, relaxing AND having fun making new memories. YOU? CReffects on Instagram SELF.COMMUNITY.WORLD. Anyone else have years of love notes and beautiful cards and can’t seem to let go, but your trying to #reusereducerecycle ? Here’s a way to #keepthememories #reduceclutter and […]

Authentic Self: Teacher, student and always Open to Grace

Yesterday, this woman had a birthday. Kim, thank you for being the Authentic true, eager, humble and graceful soul that you are. Always moving forward and evolving toward a better place, a happier self, knowing that is the key to effortless joy. Understanding that perfection is the act of living itself, not an end game. […]

2 of 17 simple and good Instructions to follow….

SELF. The Dahli Lama listed 17 Instructions for life. Simple and good guidelines for anyone of any spirit. I’ll get to all of them over the next few weeks. 1. Keep in mind that great love and great achievement involve great risk. 2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. Follow the #journalprompts on my […]

Time to think about what you can do little today for a big effect later

There is always a way to make things better in this world. Keep it simple and trust the work. CReffects on Instagram Recycle old Christmas Lights