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November 2018 – CREffects

Monthly Archives: November 2018

Open yourself to the gift of Grace

There are so many ways to look at and ask for Grace. But can you surrender and just be open to it? Asking for it might help, but it takes humility and awareness to allow it into your heart. So maybe ask for those. Don’t let Ego choke out your opportunities. Embrace what is, and […]

Labels ( and that damn MC1R gene)

In the world today, there are more and more labels that have been created and are becoming more frequently used to describe the differences between people. I find it interesting. In a time when people are wanting to be recognized for who and what they believe in, more and more labels are being used to […]

Make a memory

Take a moment and make a memory. Take time to practice what is in your heart and let it expand into effortless joy on your journey. Be open to Grace. Find humility and gratitude and live a life you find worthwhile. Smile, share and build community within your circle. Human Kind: (let’s be both). Many […]

Dear Momma

Mom, 7 years it’s been. Today, I look back on my journals that I filled the year after your passing and leaving this earth. I had written so much about the “firsts”. The first Christmas, the 1st new year at the cabin, the first birth, the first death, the first wedding, the first spring, the […]


an·ni·ver·sa·ry /ˌanəˈvərs(ə)rē/ noun the date on which an event took place in a previous year. “the 50th anniversary of the start of World War II” the date on which a country or other institution was founded in a previous year. “Canada’s 125th anniversary” the date on which a couple was married in a previous year. […]

Holding Space for Clarity

The only way to add time to your day is to effectively use what you have. There is all the time you need to accomplish what you want. It would be useful to replace busyness and boredom with actions that build you up, sharpen your senses, bring clarity and calmness to your day. By doing […]

How do you see the world

It’s hard sometimes; seeing the world for what it is instead of what we are. acceptance is the 1st step. Go there. Go there and reconstruct how you think and feel . Start seeing beauty and resilience with optimism . #findaways #cognizantreconstruction #creffects #seeyourbeauty #openheart #opentograce #trustthework #embracewhatis #livinginagreement #reflections #wearetheworld #eyeofthebeholder