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Divine feminine by Brandon Knoll – CREffects

Divine feminine by Brandon Knoll

There is a conciousness growing. While I don’t subscribe to stereotypes as a whole (I always look to the heart and it’s possibilities first). I do love to share when an artists work calls to me. And when two pieces from two different artists, within a few days of each other come to me and they are heavily, humbly and fiercely screaming to rise up in conciousness, asking us to recognize our soul and defiantly proclaim that they are not to be reckoned with and they proclaim their abilities to be a loving guide….who am I to deny them their voice. @chaotic shapes and @chakramandala, this week in presenting, have taken what is not their older ways of doing but have used the feminine soul for guidance. Don’t deny that the conciousness of the humans on this earth have a way to make it better.
Art is a medium that can do this so fluently. Feel their work, don’t just see it.
Brandon has multiple posts about this piece, all worth reading. Vikki is alive with new vigor in her Acrylics. Both using guidance, their own souls to create what all of us can use now to remind us the power of the soul and where it can take us.
In la kesh,
Link to Brandon Knoll
Link to Vikki Reed

Undeniable by Vikki Reed

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