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Undeniable by Vikki Reed – CREffects

Undeniable by Vikki Reed

As you may know, I love art. I especially love when you can tell that an artist paints with their soul and heart and not just their talent. Vikki Reed is such. She is not just an artist she is a story teller, a soul that leads many, such as me to our own hearts.
Vikki, thank you for this piece of beauty and power and allowing me to repost. What a story she tells, what a powerful piece that certainly draws me to the soul of “heart and soul” as well.

There are times when the convergence of synchronicity and timing are so astonishing, one finds it overwhelming to express in one simple post. At the same time, writing a book or novel has never been my dream, so let’s do our best to distill all these elements down into a potable brew and sip away.

It was July of 2016 when I felt the strong urge to begin the “Heart and Soul Mandala”. It developed quickly, the “heart” portion of the piece taking shape in a few short days. July 5th of that year, life changed dramatically when my lovely friends next door, a beautiful couple expecting their first baby in a few short months, experienced tragedy, resulting in only the husband left behind, mama and baby are gone.

This event knocked me to my knees in ways that are hard to describe. As a result, the “Soul” portion of the mandala was never completed.

September of 2016 brought a rather savage attack on my right (painting) hand by a dog, (Thor) and there was a sudden shift, a leaving behind of both watercolor and the mandalas, then the discovery of a new teacher, Kathy Taylor, and a new medium, acrylic.

2018 has brought a fascination with painting women, strong beautiful women. I rediscovered a book already in my home on pre Raphaelite art. Studying further, down the rabbit hole one evening, if you will, I found that Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who is credited with founding the pre Raphaelite movement, had written a short story about an artist who, after suffering much disillusionment, discovered that his soul appeared to him as a beautiful woman. He learned then that the only true task for an artist is to paint as a soul, for the soul, and “doest all work from thine own heart simply”.

This for me begs the question, “Are these recent paintings the “Soul” portion of the “Heart and Soul Mandala”?” I believe the answer is, “Yes”.

Concurrently, we have the theme of the outlandishly grotesque patriarchy throwing a tantrum when confronted with the long silenced voices of the increasingly empowered feminine, who are no longer willing to remain compliant. I too, endured the misfortune of unsolicited sexual advances, beginning at age 5 when I was violated by a neighbor boy, then told, “Say nothing, if you do, they will know you are bad.” This was not an isolated incident, and I believe that the majority of women have had similar experiences.

I finished this painting, “Undeniable”, today, the same day that our government voted an entitled, unwise, impatient and biased man to be a Supreme Court Judge for the rest of our lives.

Look into her eyes…she is not to be trifled with. Injustice has occurred, but we are not victims, we are creators. We will receive what has happened and make our way through it, but make no mistake, the old paradigm is falling away and a new day dawns, one where the empowered feminine and the balanced masculine love and create together…and there is no place for the distorted masculine…you should know, gentlemen, your days in power are numbered.

This is the link to her blog.    Chakramandalas.  ENJOY


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