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Omuto Uganda, Humanitarian Findaway March 31-April 11, 2019 – CREffects

Omuto Uganda, Humanitarian Findaway March 31-April 11, 2019

It never does surprise me, running into people who are supposed to be in our lives. Living with an open heart does miraculous things, it brings a great enhancement to our vision, desires, acceptance and openness to opportunity.
I met Moses as I do many others, someone thought of me when they met him and imagined us doing wonderful things together. I get matched up with those of like minds often and this time, as with all other “meant to be” meetings, I’m running with it.
You can read about The Emmaus School in Jinja, Uganda and about Dorothy and Moses , there achievements with Omuto Uganda and then about the amazing experience of service, adventure and the unique opportunity that provides both.
Here’s, the link to my Uganda page
Humanitarian Open Heart Findaway
Arrive in Jinja Sunday March 31, 2019 and Leave Jinja Friday April 11, 2019
As part of traveling with CReffects to Uganda besides the work at the school, the safari and the rapids of the Nile, will be yoga with the close to 750 students at the school along with a day and night at Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile where I will host Healing and service workshops and Yoga at the Lake.
I am so humbled and bursting with excitement! All at the same time! 11 days of magic is awaiting us. An experience that can change the trajectory of your life, heart and soul. Please join me in meeting yourself with an open heart in a troubled but beautiful place, meeting people who’s lives and love will become apart of who you are with their humility and the enormous beauty of the heart.
In La Kesh,

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