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What will you do if you choose to Live? – CREffects

What will you do if you choose to Live?

Denny chose to live, will you? And in what form? Will it be out of fear? Will it be away from society or immersed and hidden within it. Or will it be with the heart of a lion and the fierceness of a Honey badger. How do you choose to live?
I am not asking about the life that encompasses just living and breathing, I am talking about whole hearted, etching and clawing out an existence, living with your own boundaries, not the ones that society has thrown at you.
What value have you put upon the opportunity to make it what it can be instead of resigning to what the world says it should be?
Can you approach it with childlike wonder and find the beauty or will you close yourself off and deny your heart the opportunity to open?
Are you ready to meet yourself with an open heart? And if you aren’t quite ready, could you practice preparing to do so?
Here is my list of the 3 best things you can do to begin your journey of truly living a life of effortless joy.
!. Acceptance….
2. Dedication in the form of Practice….
3. No reliance on the end game….
Cheers to our Journey and whatever we make of it.
May you live the life your heart desires, I hope it is in Joy in 10 forms or another.

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