Denny Ying, Quite Honestly

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Quite Honestly.
Denny is quite honestly doing something many would never consider. He is choosing life. He is choosing to be a suicide survivor. He is living the idea of Cognizant Reconstruction to it’s potential. This man, who literally set off on a bicycle from San Francisco, headed to Time Square in New York. He sold everything he owned and with just barely a plan went on a most amazing Findaway. As crazy as it may sound, it’s probably the most sane thing he has ever done, he just left and followed his heart. Simple as that. I have the unique pleasure of speaking to Denny regularly and I have the most humbling feeling just knowing him. He set out with a purpose to spread some awareness and possibly come in contact with people he could help with mental illness awareness, but what he is discovering is a most intense relationship of discovery within himself.
To be a witness to his growth, humility, excitement and wonder, the list goes on…is a blessing for me. Holy Shit this is so awesome. As tired and questioning as he gets within his head, the more determined and enlightened he becomes. Plus, he is funny as hell, you need to take some time and talk to him. Seriously.
I’m asking you to join me in following his journey, send him encouragement and then wait, wait and see what a beautiful heart can do when it is only goal is to continually open and expand as only a heart can, there is no boundary to how big a heart can get.
He is so grateful for all of the open hearts that have housed him, fed him, joined him, supported him. It’s like being a local in every town along the way. Every mile he learns how much farther he wants to go for the people, the cause and most importantly, himself.
Team rides for hope on Facebook
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Denny @teamridesforhope on Instagram
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Denny, you make my heart bigger and more open with every mile!
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here are some links of the media coverage that he has had so far.
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Denny in Granby, making connections
Denny Hits Missouri
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