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Peek-a-boo, welcome to the cycles of life – CREffects

Peek-a-boo, welcome to the cycles of life

Revelation-Creation-Maintenance- Dissolution-Concealment

There is an undeniable cycle that our lives and everyones  continually go through. Every thing we do, say, think, believe. Looking at the 5 cycles listed above, which order do you think they belong in? Which facets of life do you think they effect?
Many of these words tend to have negative connotation attached. I think it odd, but when we look at Maintenance we think of work, Dissolution? Loss or a break down. Concealment? hidden, unreal or a lie.  Why do we attach negativity to each of these things. Do you attach a negative feeling or thought to them? How about Revelation and Creation? Are these words often thought of as relating to a higher being, someone else’s gift to us, God?
With the disconnection with each of these words, we stay in a place where we not only shirk the responsibility of our own growth and life but we miss out on the beauty and opportunity of enriching each part of the cycle with mindful energy. We can miss out on the effortless joy of every day.
We could recognize the beginning of the cycle as where we are now in the process. I am going to run through this example starting with Concealment.
Concealment: The seed is planted. Deep in the soil (soul) a seed is buried and is at this moment, nothing except for a possible opportunity of growth. Let’s conceal a seed that holds joy.  For the sake of concealment, we aren’t feeling the joy at the moment, but we see an opportunity for something that brings to mind a path to joy. What could become of it?
Revelation: As we feel the seed of possibilities, do we take the opportunity to reveal what it has to offer? This seed that is dormant in the soul, can we keep constant awareness of the opportunities that could come of it? Do we work at revealing what is planted and wonder what we can do with it? Can you work on getting it to rise up through the soul and reveal it’s purpose?
Creation: Ahhh! There it is. With me, my most recent “seed” that was revealed, was sadness. Sadness and loss. It was revealed that my dark side that was buried deep was revealing itself. What could I create with this I think? I created a home and a deep acceptance of the sadness. I gave myself a place to feel it.  I know that the cycle will continue and the sadness will stay in revelation if I don’t cultivate and create a space where I can feel it, ponder it, embrace it. I am sad, what can I create that allows me to move forward? What work can I do to create movement forward?
Let’s say something beautiful and joyful was revealed, what could we create from that? And can we create a home for that and embrace that? I think it might sound easier to create something from joy, with practice maybe so, but it shocks me how many people are more comfortable in sorrow than in joy.  What can we shore up within the soul to cultivate acceptance and embrace it like we deserve it, because we do. Both sadness and joy. we deserve the opportunity to grow and maintain the lessons we learn, both equally. However they get planted, revealed and created, can we then accept and love what’s to come.
Maintenance: Maintain Sadness? what good is there in that? Well, a lot of good actually. A scenario we can look at that we all go through is loss. Loss is sadness. What if we didn’t reveal, and create a space for the sadness of loss? It is still there, dormant, the seed in the soul. At some point it will move through the cycle on it’s own, possibly unrecognized and the opportunity to learn and love through it might not attend us. Maintenance is a way of realizing the sustenance that is the sadness. Spending time with the sadness in our conscious mind gives us the opportunity to feel. This is what most people avoid. Feeling. I believe all feelings are useful and define the level of humility and our personal learning abilities.
Dissolution: Just as autumn dissolves life into the earth and brings about decay, so we begin to dissolve our attachments to the sadness. Time is such an incredible tool, but the biggest difference is our understanding and involvement in the process. We tend to reach a point where we can no longer maintain and we start breaking down the emotions, the lessons, the organization of maintenance.  As all of nature erodes, so do our creative processes. This isn’t  a bad thing! As this process decays because it is inevitable, the nutrients and lessons learned become food for the next seed, sometimes there is already has a seed waiting for the nutrients to arrive and the process starts over again quickly with the next project or system that is being put into place! It’s glorious! I speak often of the break downs in life as if they are these glorious moments. Well, they are glorious! It’s somewhat silly, that each time I get a little push back and challenge, that I get excited! I get excited because I know that what will cycle through, which decay will feed my next beautiful creation! It’s kinda sick maybe, but I love it. I feel the breakdown, recognize it and then rejoice because I am sick, or maybe because I am familiar with the process and can’t wait for the opportunity to grow something lovely in my soul.
This process has a name in the Hindu Religion, it is called the 5 divine acts of Shiva. You can read more in depth this perspective if you would like.
I think just focusing on the process and beginning to recognize it is enough. It’s the cognizant reconstruction of how you view challenges and how you know that “this too shall pass and become something new” . Be patient with yourself, remember and accept even if  happiness was created, a cool down an dissolution shall occur, but just the same as sadness was created, this shall dissolve as well and something beautiful will continue to grow from either one. The growth is the gift. The evolution of this process is the goal.   This is where the effortless joy comes into play, with acceptance. Be cognizant. Love yourself through it all with the acceptance of a friend. Enjoy being divine, because it’s going to happen! Ahhh. Acceptance. Such a powerful tool. Use it. Love it. Feel the freedom of it. Life is good. Feel the effortless joy and live a life fulfilled.
May each cycle bring you peach and acceptance!
In La Kesh,

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