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This Hiking thing is kinda cool! – CREffects

This Hiking thing is kinda cool!

When you are assisting seekers in a journey, there is an intense amount of focus on where they are and when they are ready to move forward or if they need a respite. Flexibility in schedules and events is a must.
The evening following the Black Hole of Calcutta Trail hike, the house was a buzz of energy and open thoughts, ideas and of course hearts. The idea to repeat the Open Heart hike the following day, but in a new location was 100% my guests. We had hearts that had been collected along the trail that day and I had plenty of extras. The energy was high, everyone felt refreshed and giddy. I watched in awe as what might be called strangers were sitting as a family at the table on the patio painting rocks and wooden hearts, making plans to go out the next day and hike somewhere new and leave the hearts for others to find. No one seemed bothered that other activities were being postponed or changed, it was positively beautiful. Snacks and wine during our painting session and a most magnificent dinner where conversation long outlasted dessert.
I had it planned, I thought it out, but this? This was epic. Instant community, instant family in love with living. The concept of the hike was nothing short of inspiration and here these beautiful souls were, ready to go inspire others. I gotta admit, I shed a tear or 10… all of joy.
The next day we went to a popular place on the Yuba River in Grass Valley. There were many folks enjoying the day at the river. It was so, for lack of a better word, cute! Childlike excitement attended the hearts placing hearts along the trail. I scaled the bridge over the river to watch. I placed a beautiful heart there, I know for sure someone besides me climbs to this crazy but beautiful spot.  What will they think when the see it? I made a sweet friend of about 7 years old, she shared her watermelon with me and I gave her a few hearts to hide herself. We did yoga in the river, we meditated on the granite walls overlooking the water and laid in moss covered trees. Sometimes interacting and sometimes everyone spread out conversing with nature on their own.
When we left the river, we went into Nevada City and attended the concert in the park, The Ghana Drummers. It was fantastic to express the treasures that had been discovered magically within with dance and community. Surrounded by others who where consciously or unconsciously opening hearts within the community as well. Low and behold,a sweet surprise to have my sweet little watermelon friend and her dad  there dancing with me. I asked which heart she decided to keep, and which one her dad decided to keep. Right then, they both pulled from their pockets their hearts, with  great big smiles that matched mine. We danced and became closer and closer to the heart within ourselves. The day was, well, perfect. Introspection and inspection, interactions, judgements, conclusions, acceptance, freedom, community, time alone and sure enough…discovery. Sacred, transformed and supportive discovery of your very own open heart.
These are the days. The days we look back on long after we return to the hustle and bustle of life and we find that heart… the one we keep….we look at it, take a deep breath and we breathe life back into the heart…we feel it beat, we experience it filling with desire. What do you do now? I think you better head to the craft store and buy some wooden hearts, take an afternoon paint them or not, but head out. Head out into the community and leave them. Leave them in all the places you are lead to. Smile at your neighbors, stop into the stores and say hey. Maybe they need a heart…. maybe you share your story and someone gets inspired just like you did. And maybe, just maybe they carry it on, maybe you do it together and damn…look….look at all the open hearts.  Look at all the days that become beautiful. Look at the confidence, the self assured beauty that you are still evolving, ever growing into more than just an open heart. Get going. Don’t waste another minute. Be open, be human, be kind.
HumanKind (be both)
In la Kesh,

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