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Being Fully You – CREffects

Being Fully You

Be you fully?
It’s a very large idea. When you think about being yourself fully, do you imagine perfection? Do you imagine disappointment? What I imagine is acceptance and evolution. Being me fully means I get to embrace what I have. I get to know what I have and who I am and understand that it’s not a thing that stays. Once we experience the next challenge and the results there of, we cannot go back and exist in the dimensions we were before. Being me fully is embracing every opportunity that allows me to become better at the things that matter to me. Embracing the things I would like to rid my soul and heart of and move forward to experiences that I desire to embrace. During the trials in life,
Being me fully means that I can recognize behaviors I no longer desire to be apart of me and I can try something new to achieve comfort along side the discomfort of the challenges. It’s believing and knowing that everything counts, and everyone matters. It’s knowing that there will always be challenges and the understanding that life may be ugly at times, my existence within it does not have to be.
What if it gets to that point and I feel my existence mirroring life? I use meditation and other mind quieting experiences to bring me back to me. The act of just that… that is my version of being me fully. So, if I don’t have an #openhearthike coming up, this is one of the guided meditation that I use when I am not following my own hearts guidance. I love how it pulls me into my heart and allows me to see and accept me, where I am in my imperfections as well as my really good stuff. I hope you enjoy.
20180816_1529264060141185984715601.jpgBeing Fully You Guided Meditation with Thich Nhat Hanh
With gratitude, In La Kesh,

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