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Check out this Open Heart Hike! – CREffects

Check out this Open Heart Hike!

A few of my beautiful friends made their way to Machu Picchu and sent their greetings! This brought tears to my eyes, there they are, wearing my shirts, taking the message worldwide! I want it to go everywhere and someday….it will! Take the trip, and take  Cognizant Reconstruction and HumanKind (be both) with you! Shirts are available in the the CR shop. Let’s go everywhere together! Apparently I have permanently replaced periods with exclamation points for this story, but man, that’s how it feels.
I’m still working on my writing to cover the 2nd half of the Folsom Lake retreat a few weeks ago, it was so amazing and it’s taking some time to put it into words so please, stick around, I’m still moving forward in every sense of those words.
Return safely you two!

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