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Be Local…Buy Local Folsom Bike – CREffects

Be Local…Buy Local Folsom Bike

Folsom Bike
When I went into Folsom Bike, it was freaking awesome to grab a nice cup of coffee on the way in. So I was already happy about the experience of using Folsom Bike to outfit CR’s first #Findaway in the area. Really happy!
It turned out there is a bakers dozen other reasons to head in to have this knowledgable, laid back bunch of folks help you get outfitted with a bike just right. I’m sure the look on my face when he asked how tall the people who would be riding were could have easily made him laugh at me out loud, but instead his patience with my lack of bike thinking at the moment allowed me to catch up to modern bike riding…..
Read their awesome story on the link above and you will know why this business is important to CR. Be local, Buy local. Can’t wait to hit the trail.
The firm yet chillax belief that cycling IS community.

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