What's your take away

Someone I recently talked to, laid out the truth in a way I could finally understand. I’ve never had to market or advertise myself or my business. I too, have been blessed with the laws of attraction which, by some twist of fate is the man who happened into my space at the time. He has made a very successful living always moving towards the horizon and living by the laws of attraction. Mine, of course, in very different ways. What I do, what I offer is unique. People were led to me by that alone, the desire for a better way through life, without physical pain. Leading a horse to water, a bee to a hive, energies always blessed me with wonderful people, so many people in my life at the right time, right place. Always having what I would consider, more than I need.
Now here I am, 9 days before leaving to California to host my first retreat. 1,000’s of hours put into events, tying everything together down to the last detail. Making so many connections, so many moments of serendipity. Leading with my heart all the while. Knowing I’m at the moment that will guide me to the next level of the business that will support my son and me. Here I am. Still not knowing how to explain what it is I do.
This man had me figured out in 10 min. He told me I couldn’t market what I’m selling, a retreat (mostly because I’m not offering a retreat but rather movement forward), I couldn’t market myself per say, my knowledge, my experience is vast and wildly intertwined. What he asked me next was a question that I had asked myself 13 months ago, but had forgotten. He asked me: What do they take away from this time with you? What do they achieve? What’s the take away? I knew these answers, but as with everything else in life, it’s a process and now, here I am, easily being able to label that. What you can take away form this retreat, this getaway, and being as there really isn’t any retreating or getting away, a better word maybe being this Findaway. You will leave with a way. Your own way. A plan. A formula for living in the modern world, with all it has to offer. You will have a way. An even better way than you currently use to acknowledge, embrace, fortify, grow, improve, achieving movement toward your permanent horizon. As you grow and evolve, your horizon grows with you. That deeper understanding that life is growth, not an end game. And your joy is not found in reaching the goal. It isn’t attached to the outcome. You find an even better way of managing time, reality, emotions and further your abilities in relationships and letting go of what you might have once thought crucial ingredients to your life and existence. Realizing more that life may be ugly, but your existence within it can be more beautiful. And then, when it all comes down to brass tacks, you finally, with all of your work, you can meet yourself with an open heart. No matter how battered, no matter the past, the stabs, the rips, the tears, the broken tender heart within your life till now, you begin the journey and embrace the underlying meaning of yourself and the betterment of such. Open eyes, open heart, and the path to truly effortless joy. That is what you can take away. I hope at some point it the future, you can come spend time with me and my simple complexities and take away an even more passionate, humble self away of you. Life. All with an open heart. Come find a way, come to your #findaway.

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