Folsom Art Association is Community

A part of finding the effortless joy in your life, as I have said before, is the exploration of places, things, activities, people around you. For me, everyday is an opportunity to say YES to everything that is around me, offered to me or placed in front of me. Even when something may not lead somewhere, something else does. This is the simplicity of desire and the effortless joy with no expectations of the outcome.
If you are in the Sacramento area for the next few weeks, or your not but decide to take a little #findaway to check it out, I’ll be posting many of the the things that I found during my explorations. Maybe they spark your interest.
Folsom Arts Association is a great place to find  a lot of somethings! The link I have below is to the What’s Happening page of their website.  There is still much going on in the upcoming months. On of my favorite explorations on one of my visits was taking one of the Art classes at 48 Natoma. I love that under this section of What’s Happening is the Art Classes, Workshops and Events you find not a list of what’s up, but the comment: “A Ton of stuff going on” ….That kinda says it all.  The art community is Folsom is tight, bright and pretty damn cool.
There are many reasons to support these folks, but again, as with many of my favorite places in the area, is community. They drive and support the community spirit in Folsom and are apart of enriching the lives of those around them.
Reach out and Check it out:
Folsom Arts Association What’s Happening
Keep it open, your heart… and keep exploring.
Love and Namaste,

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