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Stuff that needs checkin' out in Auburn – CREffects

Stuff that needs checkin' out in Auburn

As the Folsom/Auburn Retreat (Findaway) quickly approaches, It’s time to share some of the best finds and people I’ve come across that I have chosen either as vendors and suppliers for the retreat, or places that I have fallen in love with.
As a key part to Cognizant Reconstruction Events, I have gone to great lengths to leave the smallest footprint on our earth and the biggest impact on the community. I  find local and or small business’ to provide everything from the farms and ranches for the food we serve, to the compostable products instead of plastic or recyclables.  Bridgette Anderson is a local chef with knowledge in her craft and also in life.  John, Chef Pierre is a local, trying to find his passion and allow his desires to move forward in effortless joy and make a living at the same time. Down to the last detail, my printed materials are produced in the Sacramento area, class supplies, and of course, the food, the glorious food (including the wine and other libations). Farm to Fork, fresh and local…these are important to not only the community, but the building and lifting up those who reside within it.  The only “imported” supplies are Kim, the yoga instructor that has assisted in my movement towards loving and embracing my own heart, and then Me.  I don’t feel like an import, for the time I have spent in the area has made it simple to feel at home.
I have and openly invite any small business in Folsom and Auburn that is part of the community that is on the same wave length to reach out to me if you are interested in being apart of future #Findaways. For me, supporting and enriching the communities in which I host my clients is a way to make an even stronger community, working toward common goals and open the heart to other places that can mean so much towards embracing the world as well as your heart.
Todays Highlights :
Besides the amazing beer, Auburn Ale House has a group of managers and employees that embrace nature and the wild activity of living , along with good taco humor. Check out Auburn Ale House.  I’ll be having the American River Pale Ale, Shanghai Stout and my favorite  PU 240 Imperial IPA available at the house. So excited!
Although we aren’t serving Jewelry at the Retreat, during the visit to Historical Auburn I’ll be visiting Violetta at Amber Collection. She and her husband are from Poland and have a true passion for not just amber, but the art of expression. I ended up with an amazing piece! Italian glass with my heart already inside. Check out Amber Collection on Facebook.  During the retreat, I’ll be picking up the turquoise earrings that Violetta introduced me to.  Amazing stone and gem work make with an artist eye, workman’s knowledge and passion already included.

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