Testimonial: Annette*

Nikki and I reconnected in the Summer of 2017, when I moved to back to Utah after having lived in Maui, Hawaii. She had just begun, a few months earlier, her Yogini journey. She was having exceptional results in her own bodies recovery from age, illness and injury.
I was listening, and watching, interested in how this "new" (to me) Anusara Yoga was creating a even better version of Nikki than I had known for the past near decade of friendship.
Nikki had already become stronger in her core, seen measurable reduction in her scar tissue from old injuries, and she was shrinking in depth and growing in height. I was watching her evolve into an even better version of the health coach I had associated with,
When Nikki began her own Yoga instruction classes in the Summer of 2018, I was there.
Anusara Yoga, as I learned, is about proper alignment of the body in the traditional poses of yoga. This is what Nikki had been doing for me for years on her massage table; proper alignment, muscle scar and tissue release and now I am learning how to do if for myself doing proper positioning and breathing in yoga!
I have seen in the few short weeks measurable reduction in the tightness of my neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, knees and legs.
What Nikki knows about the body; tissues, digestion, muscles, whole body health, etc. combined with her trained skills as a Yogini make her an EXCEPTIONAL HEALER!
I strongly endorse any opportunity that you may have to be in attendance when she is instructing; whether in a solo session or a group, she will "see you".
And that is all any of us is searching for, to be seen, to be heard, to be taught; to be a better version of where we are today. Nikki is a phenomenon of Human*Kind.

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