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It's a Nikki thing – CREffects

It's a Nikki thing

What is good in your life? Are you interested in improving and evolving towards making these relationships within your world, better, stronger and more balanced? Could you use guidance in your evolution forward on your journey? Are you ready to meet yourself with an open heart? Will you now join me in Folsom and Auburn to meet yourself with an open heart?

I’ve been working on Folsom/Auburn Retreat for almost a year now. I realize as the time is upon us, that I have talked a lot about this time as a retreat. I do believe that attending a retreat sounds awesome, but it hit me today that everything I do, all that I am to assist others in there journey is to be a reflection of what you are and what you need. Sometimes I am a guide to use as you wish. I am a teacher that listens to what you need, and provides the tools necessary to improve and evolve as you wish.

It doesn’t matter what level of physical, mental or emotion state you are currently at. If what matters to you is that you can advance and enhance the qualities that are most important in your life, then I am here for you. I got you. As I do believe that retreating away from the world is a comforting place, ask anyone that I have worked with throughout the last two decades how truly comfortable their time with me is. Then please, ask them how comfortable the movement, the progress and the simplicity of reconstruction is. Finding your unique blueprint of structure and building a strong foundation for all your future desires and effortless joy is what you can find with me in Folsom and Auburn this month.I used the phrase Retreat to move forward, but really it’s like a get away, where you find yourself, It’s a #Findaway.
Come. Be inspired, find your mindfulness, find balance, grow and above all, meet yourself with an open heart.
See you there.
Love and Namaste,
Folsom 3 days $750
Auburn 4 days $750
Weekend Findaway $375
See retreat page for details.;;

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