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August 2018 – CREffects

Monthly Archives: August 2018

Approach as a Seeker in your own form/Folsom Lake Findaway Part 1.1

As I embrace all things in this mortal world, it’s good to understand and create your own beauty by studying and embracing that of others. Take what you need from this passage and understand it in your own perspective and work. Man has always sought out the way for the self, may you make your […]

Open Hearts Club/Folsom Lake Retreat Part 1

I want to say it was a dream. You know, the kind of dream that gently awakes you from your sleep and makes your breath feel warm and comforting. The one that makes a delicate smile touch your lips and carries a sense of contentment you don’t feel often if ever. Then, as you move […]

Honesty is deeper than truth…. and a crucial part of learning to accept and love ourselves

Repost. A gentle reminder to myself and who I am driving to be. Thanks to whomever read this old post today, It is nice sometimes to revisit where we were and where we are today. Always moving forward I hope. Love and Honesty, Nikki https://wp.me/p99Qgq-6G

Recalling a lesson in Judgement

As I am in the nitty gritty of preparing for Cognizant Reconstructions Open Heart retreat in Folsom, I came across an entry in my Journals from March of 2017 when my journey towards this dream and  circumstance scratched it way to the surface. And now look at me, still believing it will all come to […]

Be Local…Buy Local Folsom Bike

Folsom Bike When I went into Folsom Bike, it was freaking awesome to grab a nice cup of coffee on the way in. So I was already happy about the experience of using Folsom Bike to outfit CR’s first #Findaway in the area. Really happy! It turned out there is a bakers dozen other reasons […]

Locals Only


What's your take away

Someone I recently talked to, laid out the truth in a way I could finally understand. I’ve never had to market or advertise myself or my business. I too, have been blessed with the laws of attraction which, by some twist of fate is the man who happened into my space at the time. He […]

Folsom Art Association is Community

A part of finding the effortless joy in your life, as I have said before, is the exploration of places, things, activities, people around you. For me, everyday is an opportunity to say YES to everything that is around me, offered to me or placed in front of me. Even when something may not lead […]

Free Yoga Sacramento has something to say..

In my blessed life I always find beautiful people doing beautiful things for their community, for the world and for themselves. I love the platform these folks work from and wanted to share info on these upcoming events that are happening before the Wellness fair on Sept 8th. Support the caregivers in Hospice with @joshuastoddardsound […]

Stuff that needs checkin' out in Auburn

As the Folsom/Auburn Retreat (Findaway) quickly approaches, It’s time to share some of the best finds and people I’ve come across that I have chosen either as vendors and suppliers for the retreat, or places that I have fallen in love with. As a key part to Cognizant Reconstruction Events, I have gone to great […]