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Justification of self care – CREffects

Justification of self care

You dont need any.
The proof is in the pudding.
Your own self care reaps more benefits than just your time away. Self care, self love makes you better at everything you do. It benefits everyone around you. Be that example. Be that father, mother, child, co worker, who ever that is an example of a better life, full of love and dedicated to make life better for everyone.
It’s easy to find a reason not to take a week off from life, especially if it’s for yourself. What’s hard? Knowing you want to be better at what you do and letting the fear, that if you step away for a moment to collect the tools you need for success, everything will come crumbling down, or worse yet everyone might be ok without you. Well they will be, but imagine when you return how much better than ok you will ALL be!
Be the example to your kids, your spouse, your family, your friends. Be an example of acceptance, happiness, determination, trust, love, self care. Show them and yourself what is really important. If you need it, ask for it. And ask for help with things at home to make this happen. You might be surprised. Start now, it i’s time. Do the work, trust the work, shed the weight and burdens.
Join me at a Findaway to build a foundation. Be that example. Come fill your toolbox! Come work on you, love you. Stock the coffers, collect your tools, and take home a memory you will never forget or regret, then share the love!

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