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This is Kimberly – CREffects

This is Kimberly

A beginning introduction to Kim Achelis Hoggan
During our life we can choose how we receive information. We choose how we process information. As we move through our daily lives we can choose how the day will be received. There are also moments where our teacher chooses us…. and if we are not open to grace, and choose to be cognizant of their presence, we might miss the chance. By choosing to be open to grace, we progress. There is no perfection to be achieved, for perfection lies in the progression. At a very crucial time in my life, this woman showed herself to me and I was cognizant. I am grateful that at that moment, I was open to grace.
I believe that for every type of lesson we need to learn to progress happily through life, we learn from others that have already been through certain things in life ahead of us. The care and love they share with others passing through those lessons, is how we, as human beings, support the grounding and rooting of society. If we are open to grace, when we are ready, the teacher will appear.
Kim is one of those teachers for me, her lust for progression and humility is apparent and as she works on her progression, seeing the beauty all around her, she shares it all willingly.
Kim will be joining me in Auburn/Folsom Lake for the retreat in August and I must say, I am humbly blessed to not only be her student, but her peer. I can only say to those that are coming, it will be a magnificent moment in your life. A memory yes, but a lifelong blessing of being open to grace. Are you ready to meet yourself with an open heart?

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