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Coming soon to a heart in you, Folsom Lake Retreat… – CREffects

Coming soon to a heart in you, Folsom Lake Retreat…

6 weeks from now, I will be hosting Cognizant Reconstruction’s 1st retreat at Folsom Lake.
For the theme: “Are you ready to meet yourself with an open heart?” there is no better place to be able to unwind and rejuvenate the heart mind and soul. You will experience such a variety of activities so close to each other and yet utterly amazing in their own individual ways. This location was inspired by the theme and it inspired me to share and embark on my journey I am meant to travel at this moment in my life. What a wonderful blessing it would be for all of us to have you join us to share growth, love and acceptance for yourselves! Challenges in life become blessings, relationships and responsibilities become more clear, and happiness grows in leaps and bounds when we embrace our whole self with love and humility.

Come and experience this place of beauty and rest to assist you in finding yours! There are still spots available to attend this Folsom Retreat!
Set on the shore of Folsom Lake in Granite Bay, near the Johnny cash trail for the Bike ride, Black Hole falls for a laid back but inspiring hike, paddle boarding (or napping) on the lake, trips through the markets and yoga on the beach and deck with amazing instructors that with beautiful hearts, assist you on your journey. We have designed the activities to fit every fitness level. And if nothing else, if you are a foodie, experience an amazing menu that alone will make your heart happy! The price is affordable for the offerings and the experience will last a lifetime. Join me in Northern California next month in Folsom and let’s find your way to meet yourself with an open heart.
Love and Namaste 🙏
Find more details on the Retreat information page

Folsom Lake Retreat August 20-27, 2018

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