Happiness is:

This is a reblog.
The link below is to a beautiful story, the beginning of a story. One woman, practicing the art of living. I have been so blessed to be apart of her journey and recovery so to speak. An innocence in her eyes, open to possibilities of happiness. Always believing, always striving to thrive. She has a dream and she works at it.

An example of a broken hearted zombie, that overcomes the fear of loving herself and loving the world. Overcoming fear is nothing but a daunting task that takes faith and trust of self to another level.
Happiness is this journey and so many have a story like this one. Happiness is the day to day successes that continually overcome the challenges and fears every single day. Happiness is seeing, accepting and working relentlessly towards the beauty that lies within.
Happiness is wherever you make it.
What happiness can you make today?
Make some and be thankful for your efforts.
Love and namaste,

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