Starting off with the 108…

Post warning: WAYYY shorter than yesterday…
It’s amazing to take a break 4 times a year, as the seasons change and the worlds relationship with the sun adjusts once again to perform 108 Sun Salutations. And as meaningful and lovely as it its, it can be hard as hell.
I awoke pre dawn of the sun…. I had a cup of coffee and some water. I ate a small bowl of yogurt with blueberries and was giddy with anticipation for my morning. Each morning I awake and practice one or some sun salutations. It gets the blood moving.. it brings oxygen to lonely parts of the body and energizes all my being. Today however is the beginning of Summer. My favorite day for sun salutations! At the beginning of each season, it is traditional or whatever to perform 108 sun salutations and I was ready to go! It was amazing! Not just feeling apart of the dawn of a new day, but knowing if i just keep moving all of life will continue to flow just as my body was. I’m not staunch about the performance of each salutation, as a matter of fact my intention changes with about every 5 to 10 anyway. Some are deep focus on the breath, some are slow and deliberate with position and moving the air through all my parts. Some are just to clear the mind and flow. This is only my 4th “108” , although I do about that many a week. Each season has brought different blessings and different emotions.
This is the basic flow I like to do when I have 108 to do….🤗😍:

How ever you do it, I hope that you can feel the joy that the sun brings, as one of the 3 constants in this life, wrap your arms and heart around the gifts it brings to your life.
Surya Namasakara or Sun Salutations for me aren’t about worshiping the sun( although some choose to), but salute our relationships with what it brings to our lives and our world. Traditionally Surya Namasakaras were performed every morning and then at the changing of the seasons 108 Salutations were performed. The relationship with yoga and the number 108 is a story for another day, or you can click on the links to Life Spa page that I relate to personally because it’s in tune with my Physiology background. Since time has been recorded, humans have found a way to either worship or salute the Sun itself or the benefits of life it provides. It is the movements themselves that physically improve breathing and the relationship between all of the parts of the body. And on top of that, this pattern can be modified to add even more opening of the lungs and the heart as well. If you haven’t tried Surya Namasakara ever before or if it is a daily part of your life, I hope today, the day we get the longest time with our Sun, is a beautiful day and may your lungs be filled with the sweetest air and expand your heart into the universe.
This 1st link has a very basic explanation of the Salutation round. I think the descriptions are easy to follow and am grateful Life Spa has taken the time to develop it, I sure haven’t yet.
Life Spa Sun Salutations
This link has a brief description similar to many of my intentions and the deeper connection to the physical body that I embrace when doing salutations. Each day or at least each week, I become more in tune with the Physical, Mental and Emotional benefits that Surya Namasakara offers and gives me.
Life Spa Little known benefits to Surya Namasakara (sun salutations)
Have a beautiful transition into the new season and I hope your awareness of this process at least brings you joy!
Have an amazing day!