Pizza Pizza Pizza

I have been a Nutritionist for just shy of 10 years, I not only know food, I love food.
The Recipes and Nutrition page will build with time. As I make my favorites at home, I’ll share here. Hopefully my lack of direction on instruction will inspire you get creative.
When I get further into the development of this page, I will provide more nutritional content. For now…eat, drink and be merry…for tomorrow they might be out of asparagus….
This was dinner tonight, everyone has their favorite toppings and it’s fun to fix your own, whatever you want pizza. The above includes what is on mine, yum. I recommend this for dinner when everyone can be around and take part in the exciting gastronomy of eating exactly what they are craving. Also great if you have vegetarians or vegans about the house. Fun night at home for sure.
35-45min from beginning to belly.

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