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My dedication to being Free – CREffects

My dedication to being Free

Found this today, the day after this subject came up in Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training class yesterday.
The idea that we can be free without working at it is a delusion. The essence of having a free spirit and being truly free requires discipline and dedication. We have to be cognizant of each choice we make and be disciplined in the work relating to our choice. We have to trust the work, regardless of the outcome and reconstruct future choices with disipline and dedication to your spirit. Be disciplined in your work and you will be free, free from the constraints of the world and free to humility, acceptance, love and forgiveness. Then, when disturbances that shake our foundation or the shit show comes to town, we can remember to be free within our spirit and mind to use our disciplined choices to be happy and open to the other side of it. What a beautiful thing to work hard for!
Here’s to your dedication and the hard work you put into yourself.
It certainly makes the world better place.

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