Although memorial day is a brief moment of silence and respect for those that have served our independence and freedoms we all afford, it does bring the humility and respect to all that have come before that have blessed our lives and touched our souls.
I first think of my son, serving in the Navy, wishing I could wrap my arms around him and talk of those lost before him and feel the weight of those that have lost loved ones in the service of this country and the gratitude I have that my son h’s not had to pay the ultimate price.
As the weekend marks the beginning of summer for most, I sit in a mothers wonder. After almost 6 years of pride and concern, I think of my son lying in wait, and me awaiting his safe return.
As this past year has impressed upon me a new path and trajectory in my life, I can look back on my actions …and tie them to embracing the past to allow my movement forward. Not all of my choices have been the best, I can say that for certain, but all have propelled me forward.
Outside the traditional memorial, an impression that i’m just now realizing, has been my anticipation of my mother’s peonies and iris slowly emerging from their buds and exploding into massive blooms this year… this, their last season in the soil I buried them years ago. I look back on the past 10 months…. where I have been building her garden on my arm in ink. I prepare my home for sale, I am not blind to the challenges that lie ahead, but rather embrace them as I look forward to the opportunities opening up for me.
So today, in memory of those that have lost their lives, I sit in awe, and vow to embrace the freedoms afforded me and humbly carve out my path with respect for the sacrifice. The sacrifice that allows me and my children thr opportunity to build a better future for ourselves and those around us if they will have it.
In loving memory,

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