Find the Good….

“When we look for the good in each moment, searching for solutions to the problem is no longer necessary because the problem isn’t what it was before…”                      Nikki Nelson
How many times during the course of our days, do we react negatively to the people and situations that surround us? How often are we even aware that we are even having a reaction? What are the ruts that we find ourselves in our day to day life that we don’t even realize are shaping and controlling us? Can we, by being cognizant of our thoughts, shape the problems and annoyances of our days and our lives and recognize them for what they are, another solution for happiness and not another problem or frustration that makes us feel insecure and that maybe we aren’t enough.
We are enough! These experiences don’t make us who we are unless we choose  for them to do so. We become what we see in ourselves, we are our thoughts and abilities, not our weaknesses and  insecurities unless that is what we choose. Starting off by noticing the things we are negative about ourselves is a great place to start replacing the negative thoughts we have about our abilities and thoughts with ones that represent the strengths and abilities we have to overcome things that come along.
Body image is the easiest to find negative thoughts. It’s so amazing that, even those who support the well being of others and they don’t think negatively about someone else that struggles with self image, they look at themselves and can only see what they don’t like. We all do it.  What can we do to look in the mirror and find something you love about yourself. Maybe it’s as simple as a change that has occurred in the right direction, maybe you have the thickest most amazing hair or  your eyes are bright and amazing. Maybe you stand upright and confident. Find that thing and anytime something pops into your head that allows you to put yourself down, say what is good first. Then you can apply that positive aspect to something else in your life. Find the good, sometimes we have to dig deep to find it, but it’s there. Dig Deep. Be confident that you are enough. You are strong, you are confident and today you are positive you can find something out there in this world better, just because you can find something beautiful about it.
If we take small steps towards changing our reactions to what is around us, we can shape our entire existence into what we want it to be. A simple shift in perspective and some focus on the moments when we have negative thoughts can change everything about how we experience our day. It can change everything about how we are effected by the world around us. We can change everything about our experience in life and it can change us.  Choose the be the change, not the one that is changed. Finding the good, It opens our eyes, our hearts and our minds. We exercise our bodies, and we can exercise our minds and mold it into something more accepting, humbling and positive.
It’s one of those moments that you have to trust the work. It sounds good I know, to change the way we think, or it seems impossible. There is also the chance that you don’t even know that you have a negative reaction to things around you. I am asking that you start the work by being cognizant of your thoughts, and don’t beat yourself down when you realize how many of them there are that control your reactions to the world. There will be more than you now realize, be ok with that because for now, you are just finding out what you want to change about the way they come and go from the mind. Baby steps, pick the ones you can easily come up with something good about and work down from there. Love yourself enough to do the work.
These thoughts that we replace with a good thought or emotion, they exist, and so do the situations that bring us to thinking them. We can acknowledge them and  can let them go. We can always find a better way through challenges and situations if you can let the negative thoughts go. Let them go. Trust in your good. This in no way erases the real life situation, that’s what life is. It’s not that we don’t have things we have to work through, but how you work through them decides how you come out on the other side. Come out with a success story of happiness and forgiveness. We don’t have to wander the earth thinking everything is peachy king, but if we can take our minds and wrap them around what we can gain from these moments by starting off with a good thought, a positive thought, these situations are more easily dealt with honestly and in a positive movement forward rather than something that keeps us down in the negative side of it.   Good thoughts move us forward. Even if we fail, we fail forward, and what moves us forward is finding the good in the failure, the success, the growth and the beauty of what they bring us.
What is the difference? Well, to use a well coined phrase..”it’s all in the approach”. A good thought takes us forward, a negative thought holds us back. Approach from the good and the results will move you to a better place, physically, mentally and emotionally. Approach from the negative thoughts and you are just adding extra distance to the finish line. So be good, do good, think good.
Love to all, you are enough, love yourself today… right now….love yourself this very moment….what are you waiting for… yourself with an open heart.
a little shout out to Kim Achelis Hoggan ( @kimberlyachelishoggan ), an amazing yoga instructor that is way more than that to all of us, who somehow is on the same track of my thoughts… I start thinking about good vibes and she teaches good vibes…. Thanks Kim, for just being who you are that allows so many of us to be good at being ourselves. Love ya.

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  1. Joni says:

    Love this! Such a wonderful message! It is far too easy to look at the negative and all of the things that we think have not gone the way we planned. But, if we just try, there is always something to be thankful for! 💕

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