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May 2018 – CREffects

Monthly Archives: May 2018

Focus on the journey

Today is one of those days, where you feel insecure, a little anxious. Your dressed for success, what you think is a positive attitude,you have the day planned out, a million things to do, but you’ve done this before. You got this, right? You feel uneasy. You feel like you have to please others, and […]

Where will you find yourself this summer…

Auburn/Folsom Lake retreat is coming… Are you ready to meet yourself with an open heart? Join us for a list uplifting, encouraging, enlivening, graceful week of being you. Visit the retreat page for more details or email me at contact@cognizantreconstruction.com with questions. There are 7 spots left for this retreat. Price increases June 1, 2018. […]


Although memorial day is a brief moment of silence and respect for those that have served our independence and freedoms we all afford, it does bring the humility and respect to all that have come before that have blessed our lives and touched our souls. I first think of my son, serving in the Navy, […]

A balanced life

The world is not balanced. If you want balance, you need to find it within yourself. Reconstruct your balance so that when the world shakes it…. it may not take it. Let the peace and grace that lies in that, be your strength …and base for the next shake up. They will come for sure, […]

Those moments that change you….

Click here to see the story👉I see you now

My mothers hands

I’ve had quite the week. It’s called life and happenstance, but I haven’t had anything that has knocked me down quite so much in months and I feel like I’m at a crossroads. It’s just as it should be, and it’s a means to an end, the end I’ve been working towards. Yet at the […]

This is a Reblog from Joni at Grief to Life Letter From Heaven — Grief to Life

You know I wouldn’t want you to cry, that I always hated to see you sad. I want you to think of me and smile, to cherish what we had. I know it’s been hard, almost too much to bear. But if you would look with your heart and not your eyes, you would see […] […]

Muddling through and letting it go

As I return to regular daily life as opposed to the new life I am creating, I finally see progress in getting our home ready to sell. I was gone for a few days working in California and adding to my mothers garden on my arm. Weeks ago I made plans to have the yard […]