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Where to find your smile – CREffects

Where to find your smile

In the course of an ordinary day, do you ever see or think of something that brings a suprise smile to your face? Was it something someone else does? Was it a beatiful flower blooming in a spot you walk by everyday that you haven’t noticed before? Was it witnessing a young child being happy? Or maybe, it was something you decided to do that you haven’t done yet and you finally make the plans to do it. Maybe it was visiting somewhere you have been meaning to go for awhile and you finally made the time to visit.

Whatever it was, did you just continue on with you day, or did you stop and enjoy the sensation of smiling? It is such a wonderful feeling to smile. Isn’t it the most comforting and relaxing sensation?

Today, I felt it as I walked into one of my favorite yoga class. I have been traveling so much lately that I haven’t been to Lindsay’s class only 2 times in the last 6 weeks. I have been looking forward to it for weeks, but I didn’t know why. I walked into the lobby smiling and relieved, but it wasn’t until I rolled my mat across the dark bamboo floor that a sense of comfort and relaxation brought a gentle smile across my face. I took a big inhale and melted into my mat. I felt like I was home for the 1st time in months and it was then that I realized that this 9:15 am Sunday morning class brought me true peace and was a part of my true home.

Lindsay works your ass off, almost literally. She is quiet and soft with a personality that is twisted like rought iron! She provides a space to practice like no other for me. I was worried that all of my travels would derail my practice at home. I was wondering if this would become something else I would leave behind and quit working at. My practice has changed so much since I began practicing yoga. I am now working on my own towards teacher training. I will be practicing yoga in a slightly different way. I was wondering how to meld the two. There I was, on my mat in this familiar place, with familiar faces and one of my closest friends and I smiled. It was then I knew, that the path I had chosen just one year ago has begun my evolution. It’s not that it’s yoga, it’s that I have learned to really listen to myself and trust my own judgment. I know now how much easier it is to continue the work I have chosen because I believe in myself. I am no longer riddled with the uncertainty of what I need. I know. Today, that was my smile.

This week I have been playing catch up from being gone for 2 weeks. Each day, I noticed something or someone that made me smile. Sometimes I just enjoyed the sensation and went about my business, but there was also moments that stopped me in my tracks and I never questioned if I had the time or if I should. I just stopped, breathed deeply and felt the exhileration of the endorphines brushing up against my neurons and the motor protiens tickling my soul.

I want to challenge you this week to be cognizant of your surroundings and when you see that thing, that glorious thing that brushes your lips with a smile, stop. Stop with complete confidence that no matter where you are going, that can wait for a few more moments. Take all the time you need to feel the joy of the moment and feel that smile that is so genuine, linger. Feel that moment linger and let your mind take notes so that it can replicate and recall whenever you need it.

Find your smile today, tomorrow and everyday. Search for the things that draw it across your face and try to experience that moment as often as possible! Think of me, because I will be doing the same!

Love and Smiles,


7 thoughts on “Where to find your smile

  1. Culture Girl says:

    NIkki! I smiled today about something I noticed, and at that very moment I noticed that I was smiling about that wonderful “noticing” moment. It is about the moment, living in it, mindfulness, that is what is missing in large part in our world today. Love this. !

  2. Stefan says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. It means a lot to me. I think you are a great writer. I don’t know much about how I come up with my material, but I’ve always noticed myself looking for allegories, pictures and connections to everyday life in the things around me. Once I have a basic idea to work on, I just simply stare at my inspiration and try to write poems in paragraphs. Look out for meaning in your surroundings. God is an amazing artist. We have lessons that we can learn hidden everywhere around us!! 🙂

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